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June 30: #12 Contribute to a crowd-funding campaign

Phil: Money was tight because of the vacation in the previous posts, but I did set aside some money when it comes time to crowd-fund my buddy Adam’s next record, which I drummed on. It seemed like an easy fit to throw my money that way.

Bruce: NThe final day of Challenging Days Year 2 was anti-climactic in that I simply didn’t even entertain the thought of doing this one. The day before rent is due, money is simply too tight. (Maybe I should’ve started my own crowdfunding campaign!) In fact, the three tasks I didn’t participate in (get a haircut, get a tattoo and this one) had price tags and pay walls, so this fact alone is something for me to reflect on. Time is long overdue to improve my financial situation in a big way, but additionally maybe we ought to consider during next year’s task-making trying to avoid any alienating cost-related challenges. All in all another illuminating-and surprisingly rapidly transpiring-month of new challenges!